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To: All QNT holders,

We hope this email finds you well.

We are writing to you to confirm the official launch of the Quanta Trading Desk.

If you would like to trade QNT please go to to submit an Order to buy or sell QNT.

Please note the trading conditions below. 

Quanta Trading Desk Operations:

By proceeding to submit an order to buy or sell QNT you accept the terms in this document, the standard terms, and any referenced policy below (Terms).

If we accept your Order both parties will enter into a Contract subject to these Terms.  

Please note that these terms may change from time to time and without notice to you. We will post any changes on our website but should you continue to use the service you will be deemed to have accepted the changes.

All Orders must meet the following conditions:

  • QNT will only be sold and purchased at a fixed price of USD$0.00161 per QNT;

  • You must already be a QNT holder to place an Order and you must meet our KYC Verification Requirements. We will check your KYC level and may require further information or documentation from you (this may include the source of funds, certified documentation and/or a telephone interview). Note that these Verification Requirements may be subject to change;

  • You will not be permitted to purchase or sell more than USD$5,000 via the Trading Desk;

  • Each Order you place must be for equal or more than USD$1,000 at a time;

  • The Trading Desk's trading volume capacity is USD$2 million for buying and selling Orders (Aggregate Trading Threshold). Any Orders above that Aggregate Trading Threshold will be rejected. 
  • We offer a brokerage service for users that want to purchase QNT. This means if you want to buy QNT and there is no available supply, you will need to wait until we have a new supply for sale.

Once we receive your Order we will have 1 week to confirm whether your Order has been accepted or rejected. It is our discretion whether we accept or reject Orders.

If your Order has been accepted we will provide confirmation to you in writing (Order Acceptance) and explain the settlement process.

The Order Acceptance will set out:

  • the exchange rate between ETH and USD that will apply to the settlement based on the Coindesk rate at the time we send the Order Acceptance (Applicable Exchange Rate);
  • the amount of QNT or ETH you need to send to Our Wallet.

The Applicable Exchange Rate will be valid for 12 hours from the time of us sending the Order Acceptance to you (Validity Period).

Once we receive the required ETH or QNT in the Validity Period from you, we will settle the trade by the end of the next working day in the Isle of Man. Note that we do not settle any trades in any other cryptocurrency or currency apart from ETH and QNT.

If you have any questions please email:

Many thanks.

Quanta Trading Desk